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Save Your Summer with Solar!

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Save Your Summer with Solar! During the summer months, everyone is looking for ways to save while keeping their home cool and comfortable. Solar panels are one of the most efficient and effective ways to reduce your utility bills – not only this summer but for summers to come.

Solar panel installations are one of the best ways to save money on your energy bill, and they can be an excellent investment too. While other options exist like upgrading to a smart thermostat, insulating your home, or installing a ceiling fan, can help you save money on air conditioning in the summertime, these actions may only give you savings within a single-digit percent margin.

Millions of homeowners are switching to solar, and there’s never been a better time to join them. Whether you’re looking to go solar for environmental reasons or just as an added security measure in uncertain times, investing in home solar panels can help you save thousands of dollars on your electric bills. With a limited offer available through Orizon Energy, making the switch couldn’t be easier.

The Summer Months are Getting Longer, and the Temperatures are getting Higher

Thanks to climate change and the resulting warming of the earth’s surface, the planet has seen rising temperatures in recent decades. This is particularly true in the summer months when it used to be uncommon for sites to reach above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. According to James Hansen, over 60% of analyzed sites were in the hot category between 2005 and 2015, with nearly 15% in a new category: extremely hot.

Air conditioning has become a necessity in many areas of the U.S., and we see more and more power plants that rely on fossil fuels to keep homes cool, but not for long. SOLAR PANELS have come a long way from their early days, now making green energy viable for most people’s homes or businesses.

Renewable energy technology is a step in the right direction to help fight global warming while providing cleaner, cheaper solar energy. This doesn’t mean you have to live without air-conditioning. When you combine renewable energy technology with your AC unit, you can stay cool and help save the planet.

There’s no denying it: solar power is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint while combating rising electricity prices. The good news is that you don’t have to feel guilty about making the switch! Switching to solar today with a company like Orizon Energy is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint while combating rising electricity prices.

How you’ll save money on Air Conditioning with Orizon Energy

Air conditioning is a fact of life for the average American, and solar panels provide an energy-efficient way of reducing energy costs. Since 2008, the average amount of money spent on cooling by homeowners has been more than lighting, water heating and cooking combined, according to the Energy Information Administration. Solar panels can help contribute to the cost savings enjoyed by many U.S. households by providing clean and renewable electricity.

The summer season offers many benefits, from longer daylight hours and warmer weather. But there’s even more reason to celebrate in the form of Orizon Energy solar panels, as these are known to generate more sunlight and energy during the summer months than at any other time of the year.

Go Solar for $0 Down!

Sunlight may be free, but solar power is not. While the startup cost of a typical home solar energy system is often prohibitive to homeowners, our lease option makes it easier to go solar. Lease your system monthly for as little as $0 down and enjoy all the same benefits as full ownership but with added perks like a professionally managed and maintained system along with predictable rates for the next 20 years.

Solar power is a clean, safe and reliable energy source. It is ecologically friendly, with no emissions. Solar Panels are a perfect solution for homeowners who are tired of high utility bills or people who want to go green. With a prepaid One-time upfront investment, you can get 20 years of solar power at a lower rate than your current utility and a bumper-to-bumper coverage for the life of the product.

Save yourself and your Wallet from Sweating

It’s a perfect storm of bad news—temperatures rising at record speeds and outages plaguing the summer months. So, how can homeowners and businesses alike enjoy the sweltering heat without sacrificing the use of their household appliances and devices? It’s simple: solar panels.

Solar is a holistic service, especially when combined with a home battery unit powered by your solar panels. It is an affordable solution, too, especially when you consider that it is self-sufficient and that you will stop spending money on gas or diesel. Solar is a cleaner, safe alternative that ensures that your family has access to electricity 24/7.

Installing residential solar panels is a sound investment. Whether upgrading your home for a future sale or making it your forever home, your property value will significantly increase. This added value makes payback periods less of a concern. In addition to the increased property value, you’ll save money and reduce carbon emissions. An investment in solar will help you save money on utility costs and add to your bottom line.

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