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4 Things before you Go Solar!

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Here are 4 Things to Know Before you Go Solar! Solar panels allow you to generate your electricity and even sell back what you don’t use. Every home is different, and the savings you’ll realize will depend on how much you use and what kind of system you install. Here are a few things to know about how billing works and how you can save the most money with your new home solar system.

1. Financing Options

If you’re wondering whether going solar will mean complicated billing, don’t worry. When you choose a monthly plan with Orizon Energy, you’ll get two bills—one from your utility company and one from Orizon Energy. Your Solar bill will be your regular monthly lease amount, plus the solar system’s power. The bill from your utility will be for any additional electricity you need beyond what your Orizon Energy system makes.

2. Cut your Costs

When you go solar with Sunrun, customers may save on their electric bills. Your energy use affects how much you’ll save, so if, after switching to solar, you suddenly start using a lot more energy than you did before, you could end up with a bigger bill. When you use less, you’ll owe less.

3. Net-Metering Benefit

The ultimate goal of solar power is to generate and use it so that your home is self-sustainable and the ultimate goal of solar power is to generate and use it so that your home is self-sustainable and independent from utility companies. For example, when you produce more electricity than you need, your utility company may pay you for the surplus! The highlights of your solar system include panels on your roof, potential net-metering, and a safety disconnect switch for remote control of the panels located in a convenient location near your breaker box.

4. The Bigger Picture

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular way to lower your electricity costs. Studies have shown that after feds and credits, the typical homeowner will see a $15 return on their investment in solar panels for every $1 spent. This may sound like a small number but remember: These returns are calculated over the lifetime of your system’s solar panels—usually 25 years or more! How much can you save with solar panels? This is a question we hear very often, and it is the most common one. The short answer is: it depends. The long answer is: It depends on your utility’s rates, the location and amount of sunlight in your area (throughout the year), and how much energy you use (most significantly during peak hours).

Orizon Energy is Here to Help!

If you want to cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, installing a home solar system may be the best financial decision. Prices for such systems have dropped by more than 70% since 2010. With solar panels, homes become self-sufficient and save money on utility bills. Orizon Energy is a home solar service agreement designed to make home solar accessible, affordable, and convenient. We work with you to create an exemplary system for your home and budget, getting you set up quickly and easily.

Installing residential solar panels is a sound investment. Whether upgrading your home for a future sale or making it your forever home, your property value will significantly increase. This added value makes payback periods less of a concern. In addition to the increased property value, you’ll save money and reduce carbon emissions. An investment in solar will help you save money on utility costs and add to your bottom line.

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