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Solar Panels

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Rewards, Incentives, and Economies

For most individuals, receiving their monthly electric bill in the mail isn't cause for celebration. But what if you could eagerly anticipate that envelope, open it with pride, and revel in the savings it represents? With solar power, this dream can become your reality.

Let's explore some of the compelling advantages of embracing solar energy at home.

Going solar - Naturally, you desire savings, but you shouldn't have to break the bank to get started. Historically, adopting a home solar system often entailed a substantial cost. However, with Orizon Energy, we make it easy and simple to install a cutting-edge solar system at an affordable price. Let us verify the solar feasibility of your home. If you are one of the many homes that get enough sun, we will show you how your solar monthly payment can be as little as your utility bill and replace it. Get used to owning your power and controlling your costs.

Savings begin immediately - Once we've placed state-of-the-art solar panels on your roof, you won't need to wait for an extended period to see the financial benefits. You won't have to wait years for a breakeven point either because your savings will commence from day one! When we activate your new solar system, you'll start enjoying cost savings right away.

And what substantial savings they are! With the average household electric bill reaching $139 in 2020 (and sometimes soaring to two or three times that during scorching summer months), the savings from a home solar system aren't just a pleasant extra – they're a financial necessity.

Solar: A Cleaner Environment Ally

Arguably the most critical benefit on our list of advantages of home solar systems is their contribution to environmental well-being. Going solar has a substantial and positive impact on our planet. Did you know that solar energy generated in a single household can save 1,840 trees and 24,660 gallons of water over a decade? Over the course of your 30-year mortgage, an Orizon Energy solar system will conserve 5,220 trees and 82,200 gallons of water! Embrace eco-friendliness and fiscal prudence with Orizon Energy.

No Maintenance Concerns

Because you don't have to purchase the solar panels and system outright, you can also dispense with worries about maintenance. For eligible clients and when available, Orizon Energy can arrange for the upkeep of your solar system, perform necessary repairs, and offer around-the-clock monitoring. We collaborate with the most esteemed solar installers and manufacturers globally and stand firmly behind every one of our solar installations.

Commencing Your Journey Is Remarkably Effortless

Initiating your solar journey couldn't be simpler or more convenient. Just get in touch with us, and we'll walk you through the process, scheduling an appointment for one of our Energy Consultants to visit your residence. They will conduct a complimentary solar assessment, inspect your roof, and ensure your eligibility for savings through a new solar system. They will address all your queries, go over the financial details, and outline the process and timelines.

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